Who we are

Angelini Academy is the corporate academy of Angelini Industries and works to develop the Group’s ecosystem of human capital with leadership and managerial skills coherently with the corporate values, through high-quality training activities and solid partnerships with major international business schools. Right from the outset, it has been called on to play a transforming role in accompanying change, which means looking constantly to the future of training, focusing on frontier skills and implementing a culture of innovation, within the company first and foremost.

Angelini Academy is a member of ASFOR and, in 2022, obtained ASFOR certification as an accredited corporate learning academy, the only accreditation in Italy that assesses and certifies the excellence of post-grad and executive business management training paths.


The Academy aims to be the cultural benchmark for managerial training for the Angelini Industries group, also offering access to the knowledge of topics relating to the developments in the scenario in which the group operates to the public.

The best way to invest in human capital is to give people the tools to cultivate themselves and fuel their talent. The Academy is the ideal way to do this, accompanying people in the transformation of the Group, a business transformation but equally a cultural and human transformation.

Sergio Marullo di Condojanni

CEO - Angelini Industries